Young Montana? anyone?

Happy Sunday everyone and hopefully your eyes aren’t feeling like burning coals in your skull after last night. One more time to swear off alcohol wouldn’t hurt, right? Yeah that won’t last, but in the interim, enjoy this tasty little remix from Young Montana? of a Lanterns on The Lake track.

It’s just enough to ease you from your zombie-like state to somewhat human normalcy. Oh and if you didn’t rage last night, then this is just what you need for your Sunday chill time. Yeah this track is so good it works for both.

Young Montana? out of Coventry UK is one of those sound collagists that can take disparate sounds/samples/beats chop them up finely and turn them into a well defined and danceable tune for us all to enjoy. Young Montana?’s album Limerence (found HERE) has enough greatness on there to deserve a download. As a bonus I’ve included the track that introduced me to Young Montana? and made me a fan.

Enjoy and follow Young Montana? wherever you can (Soundcloud page, & Bandcamp). It’s well worth it.

Sacré Cool by Young Montana?

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