VibeSquaD’s Ruthless Rabbit

VibeSquaD! If you’ve never heard of this great producer out of CO, then I am so happy to introduce you to him. If you like glitch, funk, and bass, VibeSquaD, nee Aaron Holstein, is your guy. VibeSquaD and OPIUO are to me two artists that have gotten it right in music production. VibeSquaD doesn’t overpower you with synth lines, bass lines or vocal samplings, but melds everything together in quite the bouillabaisse.

The track you see here is a new one from Holstein and one from his upcoming album, the follow-up to his EP he dropped last month through his website; This new album will be released on April 20th and I for one cannot WAIT.

If you like this track visit the Single Pack’s Bandcamp page and buy the remixes and other versions. Below as a bonus I’ve included the Freddy Todd and R/D remixes of the same song. Good luck trying to decide which one you like the most. It’s damned near impossible and therefore purchasing the entire pack is the only course of action.

Ruthless Rabbit (Freddy Todd remix) by VibeSquaD

Ruthless Rabbit (R/D remix) by VibeSquaD

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