Tuesday morning Tors

This track right here is just way too hot to handle. You might ask how downtempo is hot, well look at monsters in the scene like Bonobo and Emancipator and you see what I mean.

Tor drops this track on us from on high and it’s so tantalizingly chill, yet bouncing that it gets the mouth salivating for the album to come on April 24th. The intro to this track sounds reminiscent of The Doors’ classic The End, (and one I’ll forever associate with the movie Apocalypse Now) but before you can get used to the acoustic feel, the track crashes into you like a crashing wave on a jetty, carrying you away with the tide of musical grandness. And guess what…you won’t even care.

This is the title track and listening to the preview, this is only the beginning. Check out Tors page for more tidbits of his sounds, an album mix preview and other info.

¬†Also, for an immense free album, check out his work mixing Sufjan Stevens with the Rhymesayers crew (HERE). We’re big fans of this album and once you hear it, you will be too!

And as a bonus, check out this track from a year ago, called Aperture.

Aperture by torsmusic

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