The Digital Connection gets heavy

The Digital Connection! Such a great dude, this guy is. He’s great to talk to, compare production notes with and just hang out and play music with. The guy just put out a new track that is a little unlike anything we’ve heard out of him to this point. It’s a little bit atmospheric, a little bit bass and a lotta bit dubstep. However, this foray into the dubby suits Digi (my unofficial shortened name for him…I still don’t know if this is acceptable or not) well and makes me lick my lips for some more!

We’ve posted some of Digi’s work before (HERE) and its obvious the man knows what he’s doing. Follow him on Soundcloud for originals like this, remixes like the one posted back in February, as well as mixes. He’ll give you enough to keep you occupied for a good couple of days. Oh and look out for his EP in late May/early June coming out on Gravitas Records. I know I’m ready for it to drop already!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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