So so smoothe

Just as a reminder to our faithful readers that The Waxhole does not rest on Sundays, no we are hard at work with some crazy tracks all throughout the day. It is one thing if we didn’t have anything to blog about, but today has given us a quite the abundance of goodness.

This track is just another example of the greatness that abounds from Robot Koch, a great producer out of Germany. This remix of his Tapedeck track by Pavel Dovgal off of an outstanding album from Robot Koch that was released last October just shows that Koch can not only throw down with originals, but also recognizes great remixes.

┬áPerusing Pavel’s works it’s clear that he is not a one-hit wonder. This producer out of Russia has many gems in his catalogue. Check out the Bandcamp page for this album as it’s completely worth the purchase and even more swag (2 LP’s and Tee) if you wanted. Also, pay a visit to Pavel’s Soundcloud as well as Robot Koch’s page. That is definitely enough quality music to keep you occupied this fine Sunday.

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