Snubluck’s funhouse remixes

A couple of days ago we posted a funky little remix of Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead from Snubluck (HERE). He’s since followed it up with a remix of Grizzly Bear’s track With You and now Gary Jules’ rendition of Mad World. Listening to these tunes, as was the case with the Passion Pit remix, it sounds as if you’re walking through a funhouse, or looking through a melted glass window, or listening to a half-tuned in radio station, or any other imagery that evokes a feeling of listening to something well known, yet thrown a little off kilter.

While I enjoy this troika of remixes, listening to his catalogue, its clear that his originals are definitely on par with his remixes. His remix of Burial’s epic Archangel (HERE) was what first caught my eye and I’m happy to be following him because of the great content he’s put out since.

Follow Snubluck (his Soundcloud and Bandcamp) and enjoy his unique brand of remixes, originals and vibe.

With You (Grizzly Bear Flip) by Snubluck

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