New glitched out album from Mr. Bill!

Mr. Bill is one of those artists that we all love. They put out great content, don’t take themselves too seriously and oh yeah, they put out great content!  We’ve posted Mr. Bill before (HERE) and he’s done nothing but release goodness ever since.

Mr. Bill out of Australia has released an album called Focus where all of the track titles, as you see below, are one word that denote something of feelings, actions and…Tubes. Yeah I don’t know the significance either, but why dig into song titles when you can jump into the songs themselves?

The album opens with a nice crunchy little number that gives us enough wobble, synth and glitchy bass to let us know what we’re in for. The next few tracks combine vocal samples, sweeping synth lines and chopped beats that don’t let you come down from that opening salvo. The laid back feel of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tracks belie the complexity of the tracks themselves. There is a lot going on in each track and more is revealed at each listen.

Mr. Bill doesn’t let you hang out in the Chill Tent for too long, though. Tracks 5, 6 and 7 wake you up with jarring bass and crankin’ beats without getting away from the melody themselves. A little 8 Bit charm here, a little meandering synth there and you’ve got some real meaty potatoes to chomp on…potatoes in the musical sense, that is…but you knew that.

So check the album here, then go to Mr. Bill’s site (HERE) to cop the album. The album is worth the buy, not only because of the greatness in the tracks themselves, but “Side 2” contains remixes from Mindbuffer (which we posted HERE), Ryanosaurus, Blatwax, Desiseq and Kalya, just to name a few.

2. Mr. Bill – Router by Mr Bill

3. Mr. Bill – Clarity by Mr Bill

4. Mr. Bill – Blush by Mr Bill

5. Mr. Bill – Focus by Mr Bill

6. Mr. Bill – Shatter by Mr Bill

7. Mr. Bill – Tubes by Mr Bill

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