Mr. Bill gets Buff

Mr. Bill has been one of those producers that I’ve been following for awhile and everything he puts out is really good stuff. Mr. Bill has released an album (watch this space!) and with it a few friends have remixed a few tracks of his.

This remix is from fellow Australian Mindbuffer, a favorite of ours here at Waxhole (see HERE) re-touches this Mr. Bill track in a way only he knows how to do…with crunch.

┬áMr. Bill and his work with Tha Fruitbat shows that he knows how to make glitch. Mindbuffer shows that he can take tracks to remix and make them his own. Follow both (Mindbuffer and Mr. Bill) and you’ll get a great two artists’ catalogues at your fingertips.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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