LowriderZ pluz Knight Riderz: Y U NO USE S’s ESE’S?

My two favorite Riderz come together for this track. It’s bumpin’, bassin’ and downright crankin’! Knight Riderz from Edmonton (that’s in Canada for all of you not in oil or hockey) team up with LowriderZ a duo that consists of Waxhole favorite An-Ten-Nae and DJ Laura.

This track isn’t new (from November 2011), and it’s not supersecret or unsigned (released on An-Ten-Nae’s Acid Crunk #4), it’s just one of those tunes bouncing enough that I just had to share.

Knight Riderz and LowriderZ…could either be two rival biker gangs out of Bakersfield, CA, or it could be just be two great production outfits combining to to make glitchy goodness.

 Follow them both and look out for some Knight Riderz news to come down the pike.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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