Kop that Klaypex album!

Because we couldn’t let you have just ONE song from the album, here it is in its entirety. Listen, love, rage and then buy (HERE).

We’d normally write a lot regarding this album, the artists they’ve collaborated with, and the like but the album is so strong that it doesn’t need fluff. Plus, if you’re regular readers of the blog, you know who Klaypex are and need no introduction. If you are new, then take a listen to their album they put out last year (highlighted (HERE), and then listen to the new album and notice the pattern of great music. At any rate, Klaypex is and has been a favorite of ours and this album just goes to show why. Follow Klaypex (official site and Soundcloud) and just enjoy what they produce.
  Klaypex – Stars (feat. Sara Kay) by Klaypex

Klaypex – Double Vision by Klaypex

Klaypex – Sunrise (feat. Sara Kay) by Klaypex

Klaypex – Too Late by Klaypex

Klaypex – Petrified by Klaypex

Klaypex – Manners by Klaypex

Klaypex – Song 12 by Klaypex

Klaypex – Secrets by Klaypex

Klaypex – You Mad by Klaypex

Klaypex – Crazy by Klaypex

Klaypex – Hello by Klaypex

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