Jam Jarr Sucking Underground

Guess what guys! Jam Jarr has a new album out! The best South African rap-glitch duo you may have never heard of has a new album. If I’m the only one excited, then you guys need to get edumacated, quickly.

My very first contribution to this blog included a Jam Jarr track (HERE) from an album he put out last year which was every bit as dope as this new one. That first post I included only one track, but now, because you all deserve to get the good good, have it all! Did I mention they made it free download at their Soundcloud page? Who does that! I’m not complaining though and neither should you…just listen, download, comment and pass.

Reminiscent of Blackalicious, Jam Jarr’s lyricist Bakaman lays down the tasty rhymes with timing, presence and enough range to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. Soundproof lays down the crunching, glitching and crunking beats. Rapping about everything from smoking out to zombie apocalypse(?) their lyrics are whimsical, at times, but the beats, the glitch and the power of Bakaman’s voice make it evident that their skills are very, very serious.

¬†Whatever the subject matter, following Jam Jarr (HERE) is essential to your well-being and while you’re at it, check out the label that put out this album; African Dope Records. They have a great stable of South African artists that more than deserve your attention.

Jam Jarr – Mr. Crispy by Jam Jarr

Jam Jarr – Suck My Underground by Jam Jarr

Jam Jarr – Zombie Guts by Jam Jarr

Jam Jarr – Peace is War by Jam Jarr

Jam Jarr – Synthesize Us by Jam Jarr

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