Interviewing Mr. Bill for his new album Focus

Mr. Bill is a name you’ve seen on this blog a lot recently. While we featured him last year, his new album got us posting more of his stuff with a quickness. The main reason was the post we did last week which featured the tracks from his new album Focus (HERE). This album was released today and available on Addictech (HERE) and while previewing these tracks, it’s really a great idea to buy the album and put into heavy rotation. I’ve listened to the album more than a couple of times now and I get something new out of it every time.

Mr. Bill was kind enough to sit down and give us a quick interview which you see below. Also, for your listening pleasure, I included a few remixes that will be featured on his remix pack. Follow Mr. Bill on his Soundcloud (HERE), visit his site (HERE), buy the album (once again from HERE) and enjoy the interview!  

Your tracks on this album all have a cinematic type feel to them, as if each track is part of something bigger. Is this something you wanted to do from the outset or did it just fall into place like this?
Well, it just kind of fell into place like that I guess. I originally started by writing the title track ‘Focus’ and then the original idea was to do a 3 or 4 track EP with just a few real glitchy emotional tunes on it, but then I just kept going with it and decided it wasn’t finished until i wrote the final track ‘Tubes’. I then decided to get a bunch of people to remix the tracks. But throughout the writing process I did notice that there was some sort of continual feel to it all. It all has this sound about it. So the first 3 or 4 tracks I didn’t think about it, but then I wrote a few to compliment the others to re-iterate this sound that the album has about it.  

The track ‘Balance’ actually sounds Mindbuffer inspired. Do you feel artists that you’ve worked with or have remixed or had your stuff remixed by, inspire your sound? Or do you make tracks that might sound like something from an artist’s catalogue as a sort of homage?
I absolutely feel like every time I work with another artist I add a new thing to my palette of sounds to choose from. The track ‘Balance’ was indeed inspired by a track by Mindbuffer called ‘PanFM’ which is still yet to be released by Enig’Matik Records. It basically starts off with a nice hang drum melody then just drops into the most psychotic stuff for about 11 minutes. It’s a great track! Hopefully it gets released soon so you can see what I mean!  

The artists you chose to remix your tracks all seem to bring something different to the table. How did the process of this remix project take place? Did you hand pick the artists and assign them tracks or did it happen more organically?
Yeah I handpicked all the artists to remix my tracks. I just gave them the album, about 6 months ago and said “Pick a track”. Then they’d choose whichever one they were most keen on remixing then slowly over time the remixes started coming back.  

As an artists from Australia there’s not much known about you here in the US other than your expansive catalogue (which is growing every day!). Can you give our readers a brief synopsis of your background, how you got into production, who your big influences were growing up and getting into music, why you use Ableton, do you tour, etc.
Well, my name has recently popped up a little more in the US just because I finished a tour over there that went for about 2 and a half months from February – April. I guess a brief outline of my background is that I’m just a dude from Sydney, Australia and I’ve been here all my life. My parents always endorsed the idea of music and I found oit fun so I got into it. Initially I was in bands from the age of 15 to about 19, then a mate of mine got me into Ableton Live, so I got out of the whole band thing and just started doing music on my own. Originally it was only as a hobby and I never thought I’d release anything, however, I guess things kind of just grow into place. I started meeting a lot of other producers and associated with people that were releasing a lot of music and who knew what they were doing. These were mainly psy-trance producers (Australia had a large psy-trance infatuation for a long time which started dying out a bit a few years back). So I started off writing psy-trance, then moved to glitch. Blah blah…Shit just happened I guess!  

You offer a lot of services via your website like tutorials live tutoring, sample packs, etc. Was giving back to the production community something you always wanted to do with your musical career, or was this an unplanned offshoot?
Yeah, this is something I always wanted to do. I like to help people and I’d like to think that if everyone taught everyone together as an entirety we would get really good and there would be a way higher standard of music these days. However, there’s a lot of alchemy styled attitudes when it comes to music production and a lot of people don’t like to share their knowledge which is also fine, however, it doesn’t help anyone and I don’t see the point to it. I’d like to think that good music comes from good musicians, not the people who have the most production tricks.  

How long have you been mentoring/tutoring? Have you had any students go onto big things? I’ve been teaching for maybe a year or two now. I don’t think any students have gone onto big things…I’m not sure, actually.

What about production excites you the most? The process? The finished product? Something else?
I love the process. One of my favorite thins is when I accidentally do something that sounds really awesome and makes me really inspired to keep working on that new idea. I also do enjoy the final product. It’s good to sit back and listen to something you’ve made. It’s an addictive feeling of accomplishment.  

What’s next and when are you coming back to the States?
Next is Re-Focused – Volume 1 & 2 (the remixes for Focus). After that will be Cerebellum Serenade + remixes. Then a bunch of remixes I’ve done should be coming out over time. Then I guess I’ll write a new album again. As for the States, no plans yet, as I just got home from there. However, hopefully sooner than later, probably around early next year I’d say.

Mr. Bill- Shatter (Whitebear Remix) by Whitebear

Mr. Bill – Blush (Desiseq RMX) by Desiseq

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