Groove Cereal; now with all your daily vitamins.

Groove Cereal is a strange story, but not one too strange for an industry where contracts are written on cocktail napkins, backs of business cards or over email. Groove Cereal is a guy who messed around with making music for a few years and in the span of a few weeks now has his first album due for release later this month. As the story goes, Groove was in a random room on, and played his one track he’d made that was polished and ready for release. A fellow producer happened to be in the room, and started chatting about his music. This fellow producer was none other than Jenova 7, who readers of this blog need no introduction. A few chats later with the label’s founder and now Groove has an album coming out on the Dusted Wax Kingdom (DWK) net label and his name is now alongside artists such as Jenova 7, Frenic and Mononome. But listening to the tracks he’s given us thus far from his album it is clear that he is not just a happy story. There is some serious talent here.

The first track is one he’s had in his back pocket for a bit and will be on the album. It’s got the beat, the atmosphere and that muted trumpet that always gets me.

The next track, and my favorite of the three, is a collaboration from renowned artist Mononome. You can tell the parts he contributes and the way Groove integrates them into his own track is seamless.

The last track is a collaboration with St. Rock who lays down the rambling guitar riffs and it shows just how well Groove’s sounds mesh with other artists.

So take a listen, follow Groove on Soundcloud and get over to DWK to pick up the album when it is ready for public consumption.

Nothing is Everything (feat. Mononome) by Groove Cereal

  I Dream of Music (feat. StR©K) by Groove Cereal

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