Eskmo takes us to Iceland

It’s one thing to make great music in a studio or a basement bedroom from sample packs and plug-ins, but it’s another thing to make it from field recordings from the wilds of Iceland. With this track, though, Eskmo has done just that. Eskmo is already known for his ethereal soundscapes and his use of vocals to accentuate the random pops and fizzles he throws in for effect and depth.

This track gives us just what we’d expect from Eskmo. While direction changes, expectations of greatness persist for Eskmo and he never disappoints. This song which will be included on the soundtrack of a larger project, done in conjunction with Deru, a few filmmakers and some sound equipment, puts forth a multimedia project that is sure to awe and impress. Read more about the project and Eskmo’s involvement HERE.

As for this track, press play, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the wilds of Iceland, which due to the volcanic nature of the island is probably less cold and frigid than it is sulphuric, thermal and verdant…or it could be none of the above. I’ve never been, but we can use this track to help us find out.

At any rate, follow Eskmo’s music, purchase the project’s package and enjoy the places they take you.

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