Ditchdigger is looozin’it

Ok its Monday and you all need to wake up. I could shoot over a banger to slap you into consciousness, or I could shoot over some chillstep to ease you slowly into the week. Instead I’m going to give to you something that’s a little of both.

Waxhole and DNGR friend, Ashley, aka ‘Smash City’, sends us a track that lures you in with some dreamy samples, and an understated rhythmic beat.  By minute 2, though, this track has you bouncing in your chair before you know what hit you. Once Hugh Masekela’s Don’t Go lose It breaks in you’re fully engaged and wanting this track to keep up and not stop until it’s time to go home for the day.

While the track ends after 5 minutes, DITCHDIGGER keeps on going. Believe me, there are more tracks like this that gets you poppin and lockin’ like you were on the set of Breakin’. Follow DITCHDIGGER, though. I’m still not sure what his style is, but I do know that it’s worth finding out!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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