An-Ten-Nae’s Acid Crunk 9 for your listening pleasure!

An-Ten-Nae has his Acid Crunk EP #9 out for purchase and listening pleasure. We have been waiting for this for a bit and have had our appetitie satiated by his various remixes and his LowriderZ project. But now we have a real full-blown EP to sink our teeth into. All originals and all bangin’!

The first track you see features a vocalist named Xochitl (means Flower of God in Nahuatl, an indigenous language from the central lands of modern-day Mexico…Thank you Google!) who is based out of Hawaii. The vocals of this fantastic artist were recorded in a cave in Hawaii called the Blue Room. How’s that for a setting? An-Ten-Nae’s masterful working of the vocals and the synth’s, bass, and trappin’ beat around it just accentuate an already blappin’ EP.

For some of you even this is too slow, so that’s why An-Ten-Nae thought of you and included the next track, For The People. If you can’t get crunk to this then you are truly lacking in something…I don’t know what but it must be essential to your every day well-being.

Check these tunes out, buy the EP (HERE) and look out for more to come from An-Ten-Nae as well as Xochitl. I for one cannot wait!

An-ten-nae – For The People by an-ten-nae

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