The Return of Sunday Sexy

One of the great things about is the exposure you get to producers whom you may or may not know and hear their original sounds. KenJazzy was one of those producers who popped in, dropped a few tracks and sowed the earworm seed.

This track has been in my queue for months now and I can’t sit on it any longer. It truly is a good tune to chill to, without it putting you to sleep.

KenJazzy, out of Florida, released an album a few months ago where this song was featured. This album has everything from hiphop, to funk, to old school electro featured, as well as this nice sexy track below. KenJazzy was nice enough to make these tracks available for free on his SoundCloud page but if you want to support the artist financially, the album can be found HERE. And if you want even more of KenJazzy, check out his website for even more info and musical goodies.

At any rate show some love to the up and coming producer and look out for him on Turntable the next time you’re on.

And as a bonus, check out his nice little remix of Baby Boy Da Prince’s track The Way I Live. It’s a little aged, but its still pretty damned good.

  The Way I Live – KenJazzy Remake by KenJazzy

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