R/D killin’ those remixes

R/D is one of those guys that not only remixes great stuff, but also spins out some great original stuff. His album that was released just a few months ago was chock full of goodness and featured a track featuring Swan (and featured HERE).

Here he drops a remix of T. Mills’ Hollywood and really kills it. The glitch, heavy bass and frenetic patterns towards the middle of the track really get you amped to hear more. As a bonus, check out this remix of Loyal Divide’s track Vision Vision, which is also free to you, the consumer.

Check R/D’s sounds (Official Website) and check his Soundcloud page for more freebies, originals and other assorted goodies.

Loyal Divide – Vision Vision (R/D REMIX) FREE DOWNLOAD @ RD-SOUND.COM by R/D

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