Polish Ambassador Bangs out the Rye Rye

Polish Ambassador is one of those guys that remixes everything he sees into something as solid as the original (if not better!). His takes on these tracks, some very popular, and some not so much, is always refreshing and most importantly, banging. He’s gone slow and sexy, he’s gone latin and he’s gone full out crunk. He’s really run the gamut on the genres and so when he dropped his newest one, a remix of Rye Rye’s Bang, I was all over it.

┬áThis track is off of a release that will be dropping mid-March and if this track is any indication we’re all in for a real treat. Polish Ambassador who also goes by Ample Mammal when he wants to really get down and dirty, deserves a thorough follow as he’s always giving away tracks for free, asking for suggestions on what to remix next and otherwise being a good dude to his fans.

Check his Soundcloud page for a LOT of freebies, tour info and other assorted info and sounds.

UPDATE: Interscope Records has taken down this remix, so here’s another equally nice Polish Ambassador track below.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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