Outlook Festival 2012

Festivals, festivals everywhere and not a mention of a European one. We’ve heard of Burning Man in the Nevada desert, Ultra on South Beach Miami, Coachella in southern California and SXSW in the streets and clubs of Austin, TX. Well how about one that takes place in an old abandoned castle on the Croatian coast?

That’s right Outlook Festival is rapidly approaching and with a wide range of artists from rap greats The Beatnuts, Souls of Mischief(who have found a renaissance for their timeless track ’93 til Infinity), and Phife (from Tribe called Quest), to reggae legends Jah Shaka and The Twinkle Brothers. What we like to focus on, though, is that meaty bit between. The electronic side of the festival that includes UK dubstep, jungle, drum and bass…y’know the stuff that has the bass that needs a sub to really get the true impact of the music.

 There are a few artists on the bill that need no introduction but you will see their music below. Underground in the UK, these artists have hardly seen the light of day in the US, but that does not diminish their sounds and importance one bit. Legends in the scene such as Goldie, Hatcha, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Teebee and Joker will be there as well to lend not only credibility but years of experience in making the dancefloor writhe. Then there are those artists that are lesser known but are greatness nonetheless such as Icicle, fLako (recent Waxhole debutant), Onra, Blawan, Kryptic Minds, and Calyx among many many others.

Zinc one of the stalwarts of the rave scene from the late 90’s and still keeping it strong with weekly radio mixes on Rinse FM brings his new sounds and flashes back to when raves were still the subjects of parents wondering why young kids wanted to gather in fields and warehouses and listen to bleeps and bloops. This track with Foreign Beggars shows that Zinc hasn’t lost his touch and can still push that banger.

zinc ft foreign beggars – move by zinc

Gold Panda has been accepted by the indie dance crowd (remixing artists such as Lykke Li and Caribou will do that for you) and bassmongers alike, speaks to how well his music resonates with the fans of all things EDM.

You by Gold Panda

Loefah, here, with a down and dirty track he put out a year ago, which is just a beat, but it’s so low and dank that you’d swear it was summoning a beast from the inferno.

  loefah РJustabeat (re re up) by loefah

Scuba is a London producer who with Hotflush Records releases club hits and downtempo chill to really get you in the mood.

Scuba – The Hope / Flash Addict [PER001] by Hotflush

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