Outlook Festival 2012 Competition entries

Over the weekend we wrote (HERE) about an upcoming festival, the Outlook Festival, which takes place in an abandoned castle in Croatia. Regardless of the fantastic setting, the line-up brings together artists from an amalgamation of rap, reggae, UK dubstep, grime, dnb and jungle, amongst many other genres. Outlook is also promoting a competition for those up and coming artists that would like an invite. The deadline is up, but the entries are really good.

 I picked one dnb, one dubstep and one electronic track that caught my eye…or ears. And with their competition entries, follow them all on soundcloud as their catalogues offer up more of the same goodness on display here.

Inkarv is an artist I’ve been following for a bit, and this competition entry shows a little of why. Not only is it nice and chill, but it has the depth to reveal a new layer at every listen. For just a competition entry, this track is meaty enough to stand alone on any album.

Inkarv – Outlook Festival 2012 Competition Entry by Inkarv

Next we have Xanadu Music’s Abstrakt, a nice chilled drum and bass joint that has enough bass to rattle your molars.

Abstrakt – Outlook Festival 2012 Competition Entry by Xanadu music

Lastly is Arkasia out of France, with what he dubs as orchestral dubstep. Sounds a bit oxymoronic, but it truly works.

Arkasia – Outlook Festival 2012 Competition Entry by ArkasiaConcept

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