Mr. Moods and Jenova 7 making magic

It’s no secret that we here at Waxhole love most everything Jenova 7 does, but this collaboration with Mr. Moods just adds another dimension to what Jenova puts out. Mr. Moods, also a great trip hop artist and also on the Dusted Wax label, adds his own level of goodness to the collab. Luckily after working together for one song, they realized how well they worked together and planned a full length release. For us, the consumer, this was outstanding news. The duo also realized that getting together guest artists to fill out their sound was essential to making their brand of trip hop as organic sounding as possible. From Hugo Kant’s guitars on Jenova’s track Inner Space to, in this instance, Vicky Flint adding horn accompaniment the brand of music they are producing is one of chilled complexity.

This track shows just how great this collaboration will be and a full length album is something that Jenova 7 and trip hop fans in general should be salivating over.

Once again, follow Jenova 7 on his soundcloud page for a lot of freebies and for that matter follow Mr. Moods who offers up the same amount of outstanding content. There are also more glimpses of the collaboration to be unearthed on both of their pages, so follow, and get a sneak peek.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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