Gramatik goes 4/4

I’m going to let the man himself explain:

“A couple of years back there was a period when I used to experiment a lot with the 4/4 genres like Tech-House, Techno, Electro House and most of their cousins. I stumbled upon the folder the other day and I decided to pack it up, name it ”Expedition 44” and put it on my site for free. Looking at it from an artistic/creative point of view, these tracks are not really where my mind is right now, but at the time I was making them it felt pretty good and refreshing to try something new. So, for all you 4/4 heads out there, who knows…you just might find something you like. I’m dropping it under Gr4m4tik to make it clear it’s just an old side project of mine that I wanted you to have in case you enjoy some clubby 4/4 shit as well.
P.S.: The artwork pic is a picture of my hometown. 🙂 “

The first track is pure fire!

And so is the rest!

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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