Florence and the Machine gets Chilly with the L&O

Libations and Oscillations. That’s the name of this project of JJ Stonebraker aka Tonebreaker and Joe Noctum aka Joe Noctum, but really it could be a mantra of how to live your life. They’ve both been in the scene for a long time, but have recently joined forces to create this project that brings together classical elements with bass and heavy beats. And if you’re lucky enough to catch them live they come at you with a belly dancer to finish out the group.

This track here is just one sample of their sound. Remixing is something that they both do well, but their originals are also not to be missed.

Check out the L&O Soundcloud page for mixes, remixes and originals. And once you’re done with that, check out their solo pages for even more goodness. Tonebreaker’s and Noctum’s have enough material on there to get you through the day and then some.

I for one am looking forward to more from the two Austinites.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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