Cruisin’ with Dune Fangs

Mornings like these after a late night out when your head is pounding, you can’t keep your eyes open and you’re just in a fog you sit down at your desk to listen to some music, but nothing really pops out at you…even your go-to artists are falling flat. So when I hit play on the newest Dune Fangs my ears perked up, the fog lifted (slightly) and I was again with the land of the living.

Dune Fangs has been featured on our blog before (HERE) and his brand of chilled out, but catchy tunes resonates well with us here at Waxhole. If you dig his stuff support this up and coming producer out of Michigan and follow him on Soundcloud. He has also released an album on Bandcamp (HERE) with a second one on it’s way.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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