Cleanin’ out that Inbox

One of the perks of getting submissions into our inbox are the gems you might have never found otherwise. The drawback, is getting an influx of tracks from artists we’d never post on the blog no matter how good the material. So no, Cross-Glaswegian Milkweed, we will not be posting your Alt Celtic Country EP you’re releasing worldwide. But because of the greatness that filters through, we will gladly put up with the chaff in order to get the gems.

Our first mega post from the inbox (HERE) uncovered some greats that we all still bump and now follow the artists. Finding new music is what it’s all about. Below are a few of the tracks that piqued my interest as I sorted through the electronic mailbag.

Tomillo, a producer out of the UK gives us this nice little beat with vocal samples to keep us entranced. As with all of the featured tracks their catalogues are worthy of a listen, not just these tracks.

Arlena by Tomillo

Next we have some indie chillwave from Australia in the form of Black City Lights. The lo fi feel of the vocals lends to the atmospheric textures and makes this upcoming album one to enjoy

Black City Lights – Rivers by Stars & Letters

Now we get to some funky glitch from Melbourne, Australia by the name of Crazy Daylight. The use of cowbell, funky synths and breakdowns aplenty, this track gives us a sense of what Giorgio Moroder would have created with more advanced equipment.

Want Blood [TYCD32] Out now on Beatport by Crazy Daylight

Subverse comes at us with a remix of a Blue Mar Ten track. This producer out of Brighton adds a heavy beat, some more atmosphere and just a general sense of calm to a loungey track that really resonates.

All Or Nothing-Blu Mar Ten (Subverse Remix) (Free Download via Buy Link) by Subverse-Music

Then there’s this nice remix of a Justice track, Ohio by French producer Edgeworks. His throbbing beat and synths replace the original’s lazy hazy feel making it pulse.

Justice – Ohio (Edgework Remix) by Edgework

And lastly we have some dirty electro from Germany from Durstloescher. It’s just the type of music you’d expect from a dank, dark basement Berlin club to be bouncing.

Durstlöscher РRaketenpulver (Zero Cash Remix) by cutTheNoize

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