An-Ten-Nae with the Double Shot

An-Ten-Nae is one of those guys who loves to make music for the sake of the craft. And when he isn’t making music, he is curating some of the greatest acts of the glitch, crunk, dubstep and whatever other genre you want to throw out there with his Acid Crunk Presents series. Artists such as Ooah (Glitch Mob member), Mochipet, Sugarpill, Wick-It the Instigator, Akira Kiteshi and Blunt Instrument among many others happily contribute to An-Ten-Nae’s series. What they create is a library full of head bobbin’, crunkin’ goodness.

The tracks you see here, though, show the extent of what An-Ten-Nae loves to do. The few tracks that we’ve posted from An-Ten-Nae have been remixes (Both of MIA, oddly enough; HERE and HERE), but he produces some original stuff that is more than worthy of a listen.

The first track is a collaboration with Dirty Scoop, an MC from Oakland, that brings together swag, political conscience and funk to make some screwed crunk to he party. The second track is a remix of Santigold’s Dirty Mouth and shows how bass and some chopped up beats can turn this great original into something dirty, sweaty and so so good.

Check out An-Ten-Nae’s many offerings on his Beatport page, his many freebies on his Soundcloud page, and various info on his official page.

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