Sovereign Sect Plays Hard

Sovereign Sect just dropped an album on us (found HERE) entitled Play Hard and it’s a really great listen. There’s enough variety to keep one interested, but also, there’s enough quality glitch, bass, or blap to keep you satiated.

I included two tracks from the album (again, found HERE) and while they don’t represent the entire album, they give a pretty good indication of what you’re in for when you listen.

Sovereign Sect is a group (3 producers and 1 drummer) out of North Dakota and are right now touring the northern plains. So if you live in that area of the world, you’d be doing yourself a favor by going to see them.

If the name sounds familiar, we’ve featured Sovereign Sect before on the blog, with a great remix of The Weeknd’s D.D.. Check out Sovereign Sect’s Soundcloud page for more tracks from the album, as well as tour dates.

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