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I came across DiscoTexas several months ago. Based out of Lisbon Portugal (not sure they have any real relation to »

Big thanks to my friend Javier for showing these guys to me. Young Magic is a three piece out of »

Konekta’s Free Crush project does it once again to the earholes with this awesome little mix. I dare anyone to »

Gabriel Stark’s Married to Molly is a a nice little track in its own right. That was before TYR got »

What a great track that popped up recently from niCo luMinouS. The album this is off of, Unearth the Diamond »

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HOOKY JAQUES: Hello! Hooky: Hey manDNGR: I guess we will just start with a background? Could you »

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Posij drags Noisia through the mud

Noisia’s My World, ft. Giovanca is a banger in its own right off of their album Split the Atom. But »

Two great new track from Coyote Kisses off of their new EP! Like this post? Let us know what you »

Some new Bronze Whale for your earholes. Turn it up and snag the free DOWNLOAD Like this post? Let us »

sAuce is one of those producers that puts stuff out on the regular. And believe me, it’s not a quantity »

The Waxhole got another gem of a submission in our inbox from Starcadian, a producer out of Brooklyn. He’s just »

Galimatias, a producer out of Denmark, does nothing but produce lushness. Whether it’s psyhop, lunar soul or liquid dnb (all »

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Wakey wakey!

This early bird woke up early enough this Saturday to grab y’all a wonderful worm of a remix. The Bristol »

If you’ve followed the blog for any amount of time recently you’d know we here love us some Protohype. From »

Ital Tek is one of those producers that walks softly but carries a big stick. Ital Tek not only carries »

So this might be nostalgia speaking, but Diplo’s Bird is The Word re-rub just gets me. I used to listen »