JAQUES: Hello!

Hooky: Hey man
DNGR: I guess we will just start with a background? Could you tell us how you got started in music and the direction you feel your music is currently taking?
Hooky: Yea I got really into music when my uncle showed me some Sepultura when I was about 11 and I said “DAYUM!” I just loved the heavy vibes and drums. I then stayed on the metal route for a long time and obviously picked up a guitar and learnt to shred! haha. I then started recording guitar at college and multi-tracking it etc. then I learnt about virtual instruments and said “DAYUUUUMMMM!!” and then got obsessed with production and spent long hours reading and playing really just enjoying it.
Hooky: As for direction I feel that I am still on the long road of discovery, I’m working a lot on my mixdowns at the moment as I feel I haven’t released anything yet that is nicely mixed. But I’m really getting into quicker melody runs and want to make my sound more individual and melodic but with super crazy synth runs up and down the keys because it has so much energy I think.

DNGR: Right on. Yeah I have definitely seen that transition in your material. I was introduced to you a while back with the track When you wake up, and it’s been really cool watching the progression.
Hooky: Thanks man, I like to leave all the old stuff to be transparent and so other people can see how a producer progresses and that anyone aspiring to be a producer can see that i used to be rubbish and you can get better haha

JAQUES: So as you were mentioning working harder on the mixdown process, can you (without giving away too many secrets 😉 tell us what you are doing differently than before?
Hooky: Spending more time paying attention to each individual sound and EQing it for longer and good practice of reverb and stereo imaging really. Just bought myself a fat book on mixing and there is so much that I do wrong haha

JAQUES: Nice! Yeah we are doing the same thing. I have had loads of luck using iZotope Ozone as a channel strip as well as on the master. Mostly looking at the mixdown process as a totally separate thing. Breaking the project out to stems before even starting. As a live dj, do you find that you produce all of your songs with the ease of live mixing in mind?
Hooky: Definitely for the next couple of releases in the next couple of months that I have got are definitely going to be mix friendly as they are going to be aimed for the dance floor as well and everyone loves an easy track to mix into live, especially me!

DNGR: So in doing the blog writing you start to notice little trends and transitions in the music scene. One the bigger ones is seeing more established producers (especially outside of the U.S.) starting to pull away from the original hard wobble of dubstep to more of a heavy electro sound. Do you still see life left in the heavy dubstep or are you moving past that?
Hooky: I think there are too many trends to keep up with now. I am so lost with it. You seem to have these really different styles of “heavy dubstep” around the world that are influenced by their own countries music scene. Guys coming out of Europe such as MSD, Habstrakt, Eptic, Addergebroed, and The Plesk are killing it with this whole new sound which I think sounds like it may have been influenced more by electro. But you still have other guys doing the wobble stuff which is still heavy and then there’s the American electro sound which loads of crazy synth lines
Hooky: I just think everyone is starting to do their own thing a bit more

JAQUES: Yeah we agree that it is too unknown where bass music will take us in the near future. What do you feel about the explosion in the American EDM scene as of late? Do you feel that “as the water rises so do all the ships” or do you think it will just become diluted pop?
Sorry to ask that one. 😉 but it’s what everyone is thinking. hahaha
Hooky: That is a great question. And I cannot say. However I will offer my opinion, I think it’s possible it could become diluted but I don’t think that’s a problem because it will still keep developing in other areas and evolve into other genres eventually as it always does but there will still always be this underground culture to dubstep that is perhaps more hidden from the commercial but still has a big following. Like how Pendulum took drum and bass to new commercial heights but drum and bass still has this huge “underground” following and a massive scene and is still progressing as a genre.

DNGR: That’s a really great outlook.
So have you always worked as a solo artist or are/where there any duos or side projects you have been a part of?
Hooky: Yea solo mostly apart from when I was in a band in college and when i did a double act weasel wrestling fights as part of a company I was a slave to for four years. I am now working with some vocalists which is cool and I want to collaborate more with other artists as I think you can learn so much from other artists as well and other practices.
DNGR: Absolutely. I really love even in these interviews seeing other peoples take on EDM and production.

JAQUES: So what is coming out next for Hooky fans to look forward to?
Hooky: The Binary EP is out next month which also features a B-side and a remix from MSD of Binary which is awesome. I then will have a few more EPs coming out in the next couple of months 😉 After this I will be locking myself away when I finish uni (university) and do nothing but produce music all day everyday so I guess there will be more releases then as well 🙂

JAQUES: What song of yours do you feel was the “career launcher”? Or was it more of a slow trickle in the build of your success as a producer/dj?
Hooky: I don’t feel like I have had a career launcher yet. I want to though and just want to keep getting better.
DNGR: Well, I really respect your self-view. From this end we are huge fans.
JAQUES: Hey man thank you so much for your time
DNGR: Have a good night
Hooky: Was a great interview nice work lads

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