Freddy Todd goes down the Brapbit Hole

Freddy Todd has just released an album, ladies and gentlemen. The title is so long it deserves its own line, but who cares when you have tracks like these involved.

Beautevil is a great track that takes you on a journey and at 7+ minutes long you never get bored. I am a sucker for the middle eastern sounds so right away the intro had me hooked. And even though I was hooked there is always the chance that the track becomes stale and boring. This didn’t happen on this one.

┬áSansTopia pairs Feddy with one whom I really like, so the pairing made me happy. This track is a little more bouncy than Beautevil, and bounce it does. The swith-up at the 2.10 mark is a great change-up and gives the track that much more complexity. Freddy Todd has been in the scene for awhile and he’s always got a fresh take on music and genre’s as a whole.

┬áSo check out the album (found HERE) and check out his Soundcloud page for more of his stuff. It’s well worth the time.

PIASE B-Sides: SansTopia (ft. PREVIEW [OUT NOW VIA SIMPLIFY!!!] by FreddyTodd

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