Drum and Bass for your Tuesday

Drum and Bass is one of those genres that’s kind of in the rear view mirror these days. It had its run but now dubstep is here and taking over. But there are a handful of really great DnB artists out there still making the great tunes and still holding it down for those that really enjoy the genre.

Computerartist is one of those artists that are putting out the quality tracks on the regular and this newest track is no different. It is hard charging, it is aggressive and it is pure heat. While this is a clip, though, but it shows us enough to whet our appetite for more.

We’ve featured Computerartist on the blog before with his mix of Noisia and Foreign Beggar’s Shellshock (posted here) but this is a pure original and it shows his chops.

Check out his page for more tracks from this Czech based producer and get your dnb fix.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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