Cualli’s Elixir

Cualli is a producer out of Ft. Collins, CO whom I’ve been keeping close tabs on recently.  His catalogue up to this point (found HERE) has been a few remixes, a few originals and a few collab’s with fellow producers. The sound, of Cualli, though is what struck me as unique and refreshing.

With Cualli’s newest endeavor, a 6 track EP named Elixir (found HERE), he’s combined that same sound, but then added field recordings and inspiration from his experiences in the Amazon. Meerkaba Craft, the track you see here is one of those meandering cuts that takes you on a trip from mellow to glitch to rocking out. This is not one of those tracks that displays the eclectic nature of the album, but tracks such as Egypt, Elixir and Jungle Love serve to take the listener all over the world.

And at the base of it all, the album is just a great listen. Pick it up here and enjoy the sounds of Cualli..

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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