Champagne and Kittens

Earlier today we posted a track from Cualli who released an EP on the Street Ritual label. After reading into what that label was all about, I discovered that it was started by one of my favorite west coast glitch hop and bass producers, Knowa Knowone. Lo and behold I also discovered that Knowa released an album of his own a few weeks ago and flew right under my radar (yes I’m kicking myself under the table for that oversight). So purchasing the album in a fit of gluttonous abandon that would make a wolverine proud, I located a bangin track that would best represent the album, the title track at that (funny how that works out).

Champagne and Kittens is the name of the album (found HERE) and the first track you see here. It’s bass, glitch and crunch. Everything I could ask for in a Knowa Knowone track.

The second track is one featuring Abai and bounces just as hard as Champagne and Kittens. With these two tracks to whet your appetite and give you an indication of how great this album is, I predict that you’ll dutifully go buy the album (again found HERE)…or at least sample it all. Whatever the case it deserves a full listen.

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