Brede’s Paragon of Bass

This track is one I’ve been greedily sitting on for awhile now and waiting for just the right time to unleash it on our readers. Today is cold, cloudy and worst of all…Monday. You need something more than coffee on a day like this, so I’m here to give you that glitch banger any responsible doctor would prescribe.

Brede, a DJ, promoter, producer and overall badass from Austin is part of the Gravitas Recordings collective which has a lot of artists in their stable that have appeared on Waxhole. ONE4All, Cryptex, Blunt Instrument and Digital Connection have all made an appearance (sometimes multiple) and others on their label deserve consideration as well.

So check this track and then check his label for more niceties. Brede’s Soundcloud page is chock full of DJ mixes for those that love collecting those (like me!). Oh and there’s a nice smattering of originals in there t enjoy as well.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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