Blapahedrons indeed!

2NUTZ, a duo out of Colorado made up of kLL sMTH and Atomic Reactor have just released an EP entitled Blapahedrons. The EP consists of two tracks created by the duo along with two tracks from each, one original and one each remixed by the other. It’s a true collaboration and it’s solid all the way around.

You might remember the name, 2NUTZ, as we featured them a few weeks ago (this post here) and when they told me that an EP was coming along shortly I got excited. Blapahedrons dropped and is definitely not a disappointment.

The two songs below are of the pure collaboration variety, but check out Atomic Reactor’s and kLL sMTH’s tracks and remixes for some more glitchy goodness. Also, check their pages (Atomic Reactor’s, kLL sMTH’s) for their solo work and some freebies as well!

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