Ben Samples is ALWAYS the Life of the Party

Ben Samples is one of my favorite producers out there and when he drops something I am quick to pick it up. Samples has not only dropped a track, but an entire album (found HERE). It not only has the glitch and bass you’d expect from Samples, but now there’s 4 tracks to choose from. You’ll see how great these offering are when you take a listen. Buying the album makes it even better (again, found HERE).

I was lucky enough to listen to Bred2Party a few months ago and I knew if that track was any indication of how the album would sound, we’d all be in for a treat. Sure enough, listening to the album has indeed reinforced the fact that Bred2Party was just a taste of the great sounds to follow.

Samples has been around for awhile now and one of the stalwarts of the Colorado scene. From radio shows to podcasts he’s put glitch on the map and instead of fading out he keeps producing great sounds. Check out Samples’ other sounds as well on his Soundcloud page. From remixes and originals they’re all bangers.

  Bred2Party by bensamples

Onyx by bensamples

Basscraft OUT NOW by bensamples

Capture the Flag OUT NOW ON BEATPORT by bensamples

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