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Dave from Bedrockk was kind enough to sit down and give us some insight into their new album, “Get Born”. The album can be found here for those that would like to listen to the whole thing. It is quite the nice listen and something a little different than what we are accustomed from Colorado. The change-up, though, is well worth it. Hopefully that sexy futurebass style will spread and give us more

THiNK: Lets start at the beginning then, maybe a little history on how Bedrockk got started?
Bedrockk: Phil and I met through going to shows in Denver and a mutual love of the music scene here. When i first moved to Denver in 2009, the electronic music scene here was just blossoming and so we kind of came together over a shared vision of fusing the electronic aspects with the organic aspects of music, but not really in a jam band way : )
I produce, sing, and play guitar, and Phil plays drums and percussion

JAQUES: So what is the scene like in Denver now?
Bedrockk: Yeah it’s such a dope community we have all developed here. I have so many creative and artistic friends who inspire me to push it further all the time. Dubstep is still huge here, but there’s also been a push towards some more futurebass oriented sounds as well
Hypo-Luxa: We know that there is a lot of dub and glitch out of CO, but is there a scene for what you guys do?
Bedrockk: Well haha, there aren’t really too many people doing what we do in our local scene with incorporating vocals into electronic music, but everyone seems pretty open to it so far

JAQUES: Do you record yourselves?
Bedrockk: Yeah, I have a studio set up in my basement and that’s pretty much where all the magic happens at this point

JAQUES: What is your DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) of choice?
Bedrockk: I mostly use Ableton, sometimes Reason for different synth sounds and percussion, and also Pro Tools for recording

JAQUES: And your favorite bass synth?
Bedrockk: hmmmm Well to be honest, I don’t necessarily have one favorite synth or plug-in. That’s kind of one of the things that I always try to do when I’m producing is find new sounds/effects/approaches so it’s different every time.

THiNK: Could you tell us a little about the dynamic between the two of you in terms of the songwriting and recording process? How you get from initial inspiration to end product?
Bedrockk: I make songs in two ways. In one aspect, sometimes inspiration for a song just comes to me out of the blue, and I’ll have to sing it into my phone so I don’t forget it, then go make it as soon as I can while I’m still in creative burst mode.
The other way is just sitting down and experimenting with different sounds/rhythms and just basically see what happens. And then once I have a new song, I’ll give it to Ninja and let him jam on it for a few days and then he comes back with some rhythmic touches to add to it.
Phil’s real name is ninja : )
JAQUES: Ninja like ICP?
Bedrockk: no no no no no hahaha
JAQUES: ok good
Bedrockk: he is actually a kung fu or tai kwando black belt one of the two, not sure which one haha
Hypo-Luxa: So there are no creative differences between you two then?
Bedrockk: Nope, that’s why we work so well together. We’re both really good at listening and being open to suggestions, which is pretty essential when you’re workin with someone closely in music

DNGR: I noticed that in the new album, each song had its own individual feel. When you where putting together the album, where you following a specific ideal as a whole, or looking to just create each song individually and see how it flowed together?
Bedrockk: It was more just creating each song individually and just not holding anything back creatively. Not being held back by genres/things of that nature
THiNK: I like that Bedrockk: Thanks : )
DNGR: I think it really shines through with the album. There’s something new at each listen.
Hypo-Luxa: yeah I think that’s what makes it so great is the organic feel of the album sound and how it was laid out
Bedrockk: Thanks, yea that’s always been our approach, exploration. But still keepin it sexxy ; )

Hypo-Luxa: I gotta ask…what was the inspiration for Eclipse Philosophy
Bedrockk: Haha, ummmm basically just me freestyling and then effecting my voice to make me sound like B.I.G. haha I didn’t really set out to do that…but that’s just kinda where it went lol
Hypo-Luxa: Well it works, man…one of my favorites on the album.

JAQUES: Ok so what is the bass synth that was used in your “Bounce” track?
Bedrockk: That track was made mostly using Massive and Sylenth

DNGR: So now that you have released “Get Born” what do you think the next step is for Bedrockk?
Bedrockk: We’ve been working hard on our new material, we have plans to release an ep probably in early April

Hypo-Luxa: On any particular label?
Bedrockk: Well we’re with an artist collective/record label we started with a few friends in Denver called Dirty//Clean

Hypo-Luxa: Your sound is pretty conducive to live band backing and such. You do any touring?
Bedrockk: yea when we play live it’s just Phil and I. I sing, play guitar, and do some live rearrangements of our productions and phil plays drums/percussion to accompany. We are actually playing some shows out of state coming up in March. We just got confirmed yesterday to play SXSW on March 9th with Michal Menert. STOKED!!!!
Hypo-Luxa: We’re all going to be at SXSW too!
Bedrockk: nice!! Yeah I’ve only been to that festival once and it was easily one of the best times I’ve ever had. It’s always been a dream of mine to play there [SXSW], so really stoked about that one!

THiNK: Will you be debuting any new material?
Bedrockk: Lots of new stuff, we already have about 5 new songs done. Been takin it in a more heavy direction on some songs, and also to a more r&b/futurebass sound as well
We’re also playing in Denver with Love & Light on 3/17 for St. Patty’s and then out in Athens, GA at the New Earth Music Hall on 3/30

DNGR: So a rather generic question but taking a step back, what musical influences brought you to the sound you put out?
Bedrockk: It’s a combination of the old and the new. For the old ~ some of my biggest influences are artists like The Velvet Underground, Prince, Muddy Waters, Sublime, and Hendrix to name a few : ) For the new ~ I’ve been producing for about a year and a half now so I’ve been heavily influenced by newer artists/producers like LCD Soundsystem, Pretty Lights, Kastle, and Mount Kimbie

JAQUES: So as you mentioned being part of a small music collaborative/Label, Are you passionate about Indie methods of marketing/ distributing your music? Or you would you jump on a major label if given the chance?
Bedrockk: Well I’d say that we’re not closed off to joining a major label…but we’re also not searching for it. If it happens and it’s right, then it happens

DNGR: Thanks a whole bunch man.. As a blog writer and someone who makes music I love seeing someone else’s view on the topic
Bedrockk: Thanks for the interview and all the support!

Thanks again, Bedrockk, and see you at SXSW!

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