2Nutz with the Bwomp, PLUS interview

The track that you see here is up for a remix competition (voting is here, you have to LIKE the page to get to the voting, and look for the track that says 2NUTZ remix) for Continuum’s track Heal.

Below is a short interview I conducted with one half of 2NUTZ, Atomic Reactor (AR):

Waxhole: What is this competition all about, and what prompted you to enter?
AR: The competition was open to the public and we chose this song because we were anxious to work with some good female vocals thats aren’t washed out or main stream. We were super stoked to make this track because everything that we had made together as 2NUTZ to this point was for label releases so we weren’t able to release them for free.

Waxhole: What do you like most about the finished product you guys came out with?
AR: This track was made to show case our crazy lazer blap gitchness in different genres of electronic music all in one track that we can give away for free. Also, a fun note: the track ends very abruptly because we were in game mode to make a 6 minute track but when we got to about 3:40 we realized the competition limits you to 4 minutes so we had to crash land the drop.

Waxhole: What’s next for this collaboration?
AR: The Mile High Sound Movement (Colorado based producer group) is releasing a free compilation in the next 6 months so we elected to release this track formally for that release.

The voting takes place here so if you dig on this, then do the 2NUTZ Crew a favor and vote for ’em.

As for who 2NUTZ are exactly? Well they’re a collaboration duo of Atomic Reactor and kLL sMTH, both of whom have great solo stuff of their own. Oh and guess where they’re from? Boulder/Ft. Collins, Colorado! As if there isn’t enough great music coming out of there already these two guys add to the talent pool.

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