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I first heard Akira Kiteshi a few years back with a track called “Boom n Pow” and really loved his »

When Evol Intent releases tracks, i sit up and listen. And listen haaard. The drum and bass they put out »

Curt Cameruci and Josh Young from Chicago, IL have come together to make up the duo know as ‘Flosstradsmus’. A »

MartyParty, a favorite of us here at Waxhole has done it again…and this time with an entire album! Six Shots »

I know what a lot of you have probably wondered.. What would happen if a super funky space robot from »

Feed Me is at it again with a new album Escape from Electric Mountain. Since this blog started, feed me »

Got a live one here from NATION. I couldn’t dig up much info on NATION, other than his SC shows »