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Yeah we like our Instruments Blunt. And we like our tracks done by those instruments. Blunt Instrument remixes the latin »

Lapalux is back at it with some trippy UK down-tempo. Great mix of sexy female vocals, some crazy synths and »

Ben Samples is one of my favorite producers out there and when he drops something I am quick to pick »

The XXYYXX has become a favorite of mine and it’s great that he’s putting out more and more songs so »

Stumbleine with some added Asa for some afternoon chill? Yeah that’s a no-brainer. We’ve featured both artists on the blog »

Talib Kweli is a boss. In everything he does, he’s a boss. So when he gets remixed you wonder how »

Free DOWNLOAD in Soundcloud Link. Jenova 7 has teamed up with Esbe to put out their Nujabees tribute “Haiku”. Straight »

Noisia just pushed a tidal wave of super dope remixes out to the tubes, all of which are bang bangers. »

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Time to get up!

Man, there’s nothing like some Culprate in the morning to get your day off to a crackin’ start. Give his »

Some new new Madeon Another EDM youth elite, Madeon is able to incorporate so many elements to his sound, it »

Nights like these alone with a laptop, and needing to get some work done, it’s good to have a soundtrack »

Free DL in Soundcloud link! Enjoy Me & Asdek have teamed up to create “Utopia”. At just 18 years old, »

Free DOWNLOAD in Soundcloud Link. Popeska is at it again with his new track “For You”. Definitely a change of »

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Who wants new Ed Rush and Optical? OK, here ya go 🙂 Like this post? Let us know what you »

Polar Snares is at it again, and he is getting better and better with each new offering. His last release »

Freddy Todd has just released an album, ladies and gentlemen. The title is so long it deserves its own line, »