Sunday Burial

Burial’s Archangel is one of my all time favorite tracks. It’s just one of those you can play over and over again and never get tired of it. So when I went into the vault and pulled out this remix from Snub-Luck I was equal parts stoked and skeptical. Taking a favorite track and rebaking it to where it sounds good but yet original is hard to do.

Snub does the trick though. The wonky cowbell can’t disguise the original track’s lushness that lies underneath and when you’re finished with the listen, I dare you to not listen again. It’s that good and Snub was good enough to give it out for free.

So do us all a favor and check out Snub-Luck’s page and patronize his great stable of tracks. He has many more recent ones that are wonderful.

  Archangel – Burial (Snubluck’s Boot Shakin’ Remix, Free Download as well!) by Snub•Luck

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