Ratatat gets that Re-Rub

Kinematix has introduced himself quite noisily to The Waxhole what with that bumpin track from last week and now with this remix of Ratatat which he dropped recently, he’s firmly ensconced on our wall schematic of emerging artists. Not only is this a great original track, but Kinematix treats it so well and makes it a nice little glitchy alternate.

Kinematix was nice enough to provide a little background into the track when asked.

“I decided to flip this track when I was digging through some tunes I had not heard in a while and Ratatat popped up. I saw “Drugs” and remembered the last time I heard it, I wanted it to be all slowed down and funked out…. Turned out it had some nice cuts for a funky glitch-hop track.”

Yeah I’d say that track had some potential, and Kinematix unlocked it quite well.

Check Kinematix’s Soundcloud page for more great remixes and mashups and keep an eye out for an album he’s working on that should be out within the next couple of months.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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