Pizza Party Tuesday!

When you get a powerhouse like Stephan Jacobs team up with another (underrated) Powerhouse like NitGrit to do an EP you expect something interesting, something fresh and more to the point something bangin’. In the Deep Dish EP we have all of the above and it’s hopefully a portent of more to come.

Here I picked one tune off the EP, but it’s worth a listen from front to back, backwards and forwards, upside and down. Good good stuff from two really great artists. Pizza Party is the name for this duo and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more out of them very soon.

Check out the EP, as well as Stephan Jacobs’ catalogue and Nit Grit’s as well. That should fill out your Tuesday quite nicely! Pizza Party – Supreme (Stephan Jacobs & NiT GriT) by Stephan Jacobs

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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