We here at Waxhole stand in unison in saying we will never accept/tolerate any law that limits our freedom of speech and growing through exchange of ideas in any medium.

As such, we are joining our fellow internet brethren in raising awareness and mobilizing our great readership to take action against the SOPA and PIPA legislation Congress is looking to enact.

If you need a quick refresher as to what this is all about, then view this LINK for a nice succinct explanation.

This blog and MANY others are under threat of being shut down for bringing free (as intended by the artists and/or label) music to the public.

Now in order to take part in this movement you can sign an online petition HERE , and write a vitriolic (yet reasonable) letter to your Congressman or do both!

For our International readers you can join in the fight by visiting this LINK. (This effects everyone in every country/region)

Thanks for all of our readers and join the fight to keep this blog as well as all of the others alive

-Waxhole Public Enemy – Fight The Power by pws1970

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