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JJ Stonebreaker AKA Tonebreaker/DJ^3 from Austin, TX dropped me a nice little gift this afternoon with his latest set “Stoke, Until the Cold Coals Smolder”. I found his set the perfect companion to the afternoon leg of my work day, a masterfully crafted journey through chillville and beyond. Im going to quote him here for some extra special bonus insight:

“So this mix is an experiment. I realized I really hadn’t done a ‘Progressive’ mix in a long long time… Really since ‘Drizzle’. That said, I also didn’t want to do a purely progressive mix as I’ve really been enjoying the blending of generas, tempos and textures instead of staying with one theme. This mix contains music from movie scores, older progressive tracks, organic instrumentation and even a couple of tunes from a video game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did arranging it. Thanks for listening.”

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