"Max, relax, and break ya neck.."

Hey Waxheads!

I received a new song with a write up and love both, so I thought I would share.

Song selection and review by Jen (homeydontplaythat):

“Max, relax, and break ya neck to the electronic/chillwave sounds of ♒DUNE F∀NGS♒.

A side project of 19-year-old dubstep/dnb artist Stasis from St. Clair, Michigan. Similar to Blackbird Blackbird and a dash of Star Slinger, ♒DUNE F∀NGS♒ will not disappoint.

While most of ♒DUNE F∀NGS♒ tracks like Frosty Town, Corridreau, and Amor are mellowed out, inundate your ears with the warped sounds of Krazy Kats. A solid mix of funk and beats.”

This song really is the tits, and has a free download! ENJOY!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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