Late Night Funkitude

You know those times where you walk into a bar you’ve never been to but have always been intrigued by You get in there and there is a set of gnarly and quite well established regulars that don’t even look at you when you enter because this is THEIR domain. The music hits you as some old Sun Studio and Chess jams that you’d not heard in ages, and while the vibe is completely different than the raucous atmosphere you had just come from, it works so well.

That long set up was to describe my thoughts on this track. A nice little funked up mix of a Chromeo (a funky duo themselves) joint that works so well on a random Tuesday night. Hopefully you enjoy the change of pace as well. Check out MattNice’s other works. laid back and loungey, with a kick of soul.

Chromeo – Needy Girl (MattNice Edit) by MattNice EditRecords

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