Friday Night Observer

So when two of my favorite artists collaborate I always get a little too excited for my own good. But I’ve done it again for K Theory and Blunt Instrument (my favorite Aussie glitch artists) and their collab The Observer. And when I say I wasn’t disappointed, well…I wasn’t, ok?  Not only do they get the grooving beat and the nice synthy punch, but they add some scratchin and some synth lines to further accentuate the track.

Whether you’re a Blunt Instrument fan or a K Theory fan (You should really be a fan of both) this track is definitely worth checking out, buying and bumping in your Cutlass.

And if you are ready for more awesome after listening to this, check out K Theory’s page and Blunt Instrument’s for a ton of freebies, remixes and bangin’ originals.

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Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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