Friday Morning Funk

Ok I’ve been digging OPIUO (I could tell you how to pronounce that, but I won’t and will envision you trying to get your mouth around that collection of vowels) for awhile now and he recently slipped an old track of his to his loyal, drooling fans.  Those that have followed OPIUO will hear the classic sounds that has made his music so great over the years.  Those that have not, will be introduced to some funky, bob yo’ noggin’ like a bobblehead goodness that is his trademark.  This collab with The Mollusk, an artist also worth checking out, pretty much assures that you get your Friday started off right.

If you’ve not checked him out before, do it forthwith and posthaste.  His soundcloud page is somewhat sparse, so visit his website for more info, freebies and stuff like that.

Opiuo and The Mollusk – Slappy Cans (2009 edit) by Opiuo

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